Digital Photography:  Exploring How You See the World

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This is not your typical photography course. We will not go down a list of technical and historical curriculum. Instead, what we will do is learn about DSLR photography based on the group's collective interests, and in the process, witness each other's emerging potential to express how we see life in the medium of digital imagery.

What to expect:
We will start by creating our own course curriculum: what we desire to learn, what we want to photograph, how much we want to learn about the camera, post-processing software, and the art of digital photographic imagery. Individuals will be put into learning pairs or small groups and have the opportunity to support one another in exploring as we learn and progress. Lori will assist each individual in developing their own personal goals for the course, and in making progress on those goals. Students will be expected to learn on their own, with support from the instructor and from their learning partner(s). During class meeting times, we will participate in outings, learning discussions, and informal student presentations.

woman taking photograph in Sedona Canyon white clothes
girl sitting on rocks at beach
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